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The Gaia Conspiracy

"It is a matter of prestige,
It is a matter of position."

The displacement of love
with torrential submission:
Permission's Ascension:
the Grant:
A razing downward slope procession
concedes a greater loss:

The betrayal of Earth:
its inner tears from wholly-part
villainous mines and hellish work,
forging plains of ardent voids
now laden, now evincing, dirt.

Some do push the caution;
though most find pure prostration,
suffering their feeble minds
over Foreign Lamentation
or Crypted Maze Translations
always waning
towards the luscious-laced dessertion.

But most forget, forgot,
and swept, and sweep
with golden brooms
for that appeal
of glossal feels -- the riving taste -- to luxuriate their life.

It was the time of lust
to luster with deception,
Denial and Contraction,
Materials divulged -- deluged,
and brought to degradation.

And so the halls of destined future,
interlined with heat and passion,
remain a sweet but bitter list
Of risks that hale
the vines of desert-dried,decayed dimits.

And so exists...
Emblems of the One
which doth reveal the Epoch of Dolor.
A brief complete of what to keep
echoes legend at one's Doors...
of what shall come,
of what had come,
to those who trek
with greed's intent,
 and steals with narrow-blind contempt
 the Blessing...
 Eden, scathed... the last lament.
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