Nanico Ink. (cyphinseth) wrote in thispoetsays,
Nanico Ink.

Post Endeavor

The diamond range invasion,
to lose the taste
and follow suit, follow mute,
duplicate, devolve, convert
duplicate, devolve, convert.
The Truth
[erase -- scribble -- erased: result: the -rut--]: repeat, repeating...

Reticent -- lodestar -- Revolution:
The causal space between
pushing past down pasty buds,
the oral-purse coerced
swallowing the rancid dust
of love -- raped --
the moldy -- rush --
to find the breath
desist the -- rust --
breathe! Breathing...

defined, defaced
holding on -- retention-based -- going forth
The iridescence void:
black chalk-like greys,
swirls that insist, engulf,
melting like a lush kiss, mouth,
hanging on me like a wet cyst:
the post-operative-synthetic bliss:
the cynic-tallied-synthesis.

Smoking tensions of release
hanging on the rind of transpiring timelines,
bold depths of voyage, travels traveling...

the quintessential parity:
the inevitable laugh,
the universal sense of humor
paralyzing vats of Stock-Up-On-My-Money-Inc. brats -- finally -- Justice?
...for now...

Waving in
The 1:1
meet-Her, meet-Him scale
echoing retrospect off human-perimeter-antennae
[My] nuclei-transmitting syndeses: 
Attracting operatically, hopefully,
The one...

Barring sanity,
basking the world in fundamentalistic hebetude,
banishing Impious Art,
watching the individualistic source
obviate into stressed out, studdering frames of talltales,
tipped, bursting toward the brink,
a normalcy distinct, impunity antiqued,
a rebel in his sleep, imprisoned

The Disturb's Advance:
The Air-filled cavitiess of talking heads,
nodding to resurface
the Pedestal of Power,
the havocing Towers
concaving entirety
 -- the Mortgage -- Reality
 adjacent and living
alongside the giving
and cases of gravid containment.
"Give rise to 'Atlantic Diplomacy'"
and watch the spitting-image city sink again.

Well, well, well, eye  ms  b  da  lus  knkshn
spiraling into a loose continuity of fibrous contingents
of heart-throb-intangibilities, impossiblities?
The donning spirit
blown inside without
breathing in, the Doubt, deepens
and provokes stability
with waning virility
unveiling the bold contusions.

Holding on to what is left...
but alas -- it was to be --
the bisk chipped and eroding clean
to reveal
the ending wheel
unable to be healed...

the wine and dine
the 'what is left'
the how to do, undo,
the blame & who
to take the rake...

to lose the taste,
the diamond range,
the cure, escaped
the placid take
on our one... cosmic... global...
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