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thispoetsays's Journal

Lost Poet Society
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This is just a taste. this is what we've got.

This community got:
-anything expressing emotion

Community Posting Rules
1.Don't harass people.
2.More than one picture should be behind an lj-cut
3.Nudity should be strictly behind lj-cut ( NO PORN, If I see Pornography, you'll be instantly eliminated out of the community )
4.This is not an advertisement for fashion, there are other communities for that (aka hot_fashion go there if you want to show off fashion)
5. Any short stories, or lengthy poems should be behind an lj-cut as well, we don't need half a page full of something, just put it behind a cut.
6.Have fun with the community
7. NO PLAGIARISM! ( quote your source )

Blandly mother
takes him strolling
by railroad and by river
--he's the son of the absconded
hot rod angel--
and he imagines cars
and rides them in his dreams,
so lonely growing up among
the imaginary automobiles
and dead souls of Tarrytown
to create
out of his own imagination
the beauty of his wild
forebears--a mythology
he cannot inherit.
Will he later hallucinate
his gods? Waking
among mysteries with
an insane gleam
of recollection?
The recognition--
something so rare
in his soul,
met only in dreams
of another life.
A question of the soul.
And the injured
losing their injury
in their innocence
--a cock, a cross,
an excellence of love.
And the father grieves
in flophouse
complexities of memory
a thousand miles
away, unknowing
of the unexpected
youthful stranger
bumming toward his door.
-Allens Ginsberg

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